Tuesday, April 24, 2012

'Youth' a state worth being trapped in?

Youth, its superiority as an age and the search for the magic fountain are very current issues.  At no other time in history have the young been so dominant.  Dick Clark may have unleashed a monster when he invented (or at least fostered) the teenager!  This was a fairly recent development in sociology. 1950s saw the growth of this mobile, cashed-up and auto-licensed group which quickly became the demographic for new business.  They spent up big, they detached from their homes earlier and caused havoc.  In 'Mad Men' we see the pitches that thrust at the pockets of this group (time: mid-60s) with Peggy's failed Heinz campaign and others.  Nowadays, youth is revered to the point of thousands of products being invented to keep those 'youthful good looks' (but not the acne, puppy fat and other unpleasant side effects of being young).  Every second commercial is for some expensive cosmetic or treatment.

We all want to live forever. Unless we have some awful affliction, dementia possibly being the worst option. Ponce de León was a seeker and many of his explorations had the fountain of youth as the goal.

See how this pans out in my book as these issues are all relevant and inspirational to the story-line of 'Calandra's Spring'.

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