Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feels as though I am watching an eBay item ...

So my book is on and I have found the reports and also the ranking on their site.  I hover in the late 40s on the Contemporary Fiction Kindle ranking which is not too bad really.  But I click in every hour and when it drops a point, ohhhhhhh, it's distressing!  It reminds me of the despair I felt when selling a Lalique crystal cat and was silly enough to start it low.  It sold for a ridiculously low price though it was a genuine antique one and not made by Rene's grand-children's factory.  That's how I feel when my book, the result of much insomnia and hard work, stops selling. 

At the moment it is on free promo so hurry in and download it before that period expires or else buy it afterwards.  As well, if you buy it for free, please review the book or at least tick the Like button (if that is how you feel!).

Hard work this marketing and I wonder how those astronomically high sellers get to their positive tipping point!

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