Monday, April 9, 2012

Hick nation is revealed by speech.

Ok - do you sometimes have to scratch your head and wonder what language that checkout chick was talking when she was processing your order and then realise it was just 'Aussie'?  From time to time we will post some of the best Ocker clangers that make us all sound like hicks.  And sadly, it's not just from tradies and checkout chicks.  It is from some of those Professors at RPA, from teachers, journos and hosts and people who should know better and who should value good speech.

Not sure what the solution is.  It comes from poor role models, from bogan parents and badly-trained teachers.

Obama at least speaks well most of the time, but sadly, he occasionally gets down with his white-trash roots and talks the way they do.  Let's out all these poor speakers.

Your input is appreciated! Send me your examples and I will post them here.

The following are some I prepared earlier!

1. Rachel Perkins in the episode of 'First Australians' on Pastor Doug Nicholls actually said 'Nu-cu-lar'! That was a surprise.  but it was a shock that no producer actually stopped her and asked for another take!  This show is sloppy, underfunded, underresourced, under-illustrated beyond belief.  Pathetic bit of E.P. work. See review in reviews section.

2.  Reporter on Today Tonight 19th Nov 2008 in Prison hospital story : 'There's 100s of security cameras ...' ) should be 'There ARE 100s'.  Makae subject and verb agree.

3. Sarah Harris (9 network sometime newsreader & journo, previously busted for dropping the magic word on TV forgetting all about radio mikes!).  Her accent is very disturbing.  She stresses the word 'has' in every sentence but pronounces it 'haaarz', Canadian style.  Her delivery is awful and her scripts are littered with misplaced clauses and disagreeing subject/verb construction.  Oh, and they have plucked her eyebrows way too much to balance with her rather prominent jaw.

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