Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In the beginning there was a flint ...

In the beginning there was a flint to chisel out symbols on a rock.  Hard to imagine that writing has come so far and that now we have amazing machines to do the hard yards for us.  I thought the golf ball typewriter was so cool when I was a kid. My mother used one in her secretarial job and she was a stickler on perfect layout of work and a mistake proof page.  Now even my book will write - well, that is the magic Kindle Fire and I can send messages to people via all kinds of applications within its smart, leather cover.  I wonder what the writing of the future will be? Holograms?  I am hoping that ESP doesn't catch on.  Sometimes, I would rather my somewhat drunken, aggressive neighbour's quiet-as-a-mouse, submissive wife would not know the angry vibes I am sending towards her spouse. 

And other times, as I check out the increasingly obese figures of the locals, I am glad they can't read my mind as I think 'Que gorda!!'.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, please, no ESP! I wouldn't want all of the random thoughts I think to get broadcast to others brains!
    Think of all the memorization it used to take in the days before the printing press. Boy, they had better memorize it right.