Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Relaxing, recreation and reading good books.

Relaxing, recreation and reading good books.  Can you ever have too much of it?  At present, I am in the beautiful resort city of Puerto Vallarta.  If you haven't been there, mark it on your list as a friendly, welcoming town and you will never run out of things to do, restaurants to try and beaches to stroll.  There is a strong Writers' Group in PV and you, even when visiting, are welcome to join in the meetings.  Holiday towns are so much nicer when you know someone and the locals enjoy meeting people from outside.  There is a Facebook page (Puerto Vallarta Writers Group) which will tell you where they meet and when.  Be sure to check it out and make contact.

'Relaxing' seems to be what the population down here likes to do most, but there are still some energetic souls who follow their pursuits and plenty of activity everywhere.  There are masses of books down here for a few pesos also (check out the Los Mangos Library where donated, recycled books are sold as a fundraiser).  As well, your Kindle will work.  So grab that good read, find the nearest hammock and plonk yourself in it.  Ignore the USA warnings about drug cartels, violence and so on.  The worst that can happen to you here is a hangover, a stubbed toe on the cobblestones.  But if you stick to organic tequila, the former won't happen and the roads are being renovated at the moment so the latter may soon be a thing of the past.

Come on down!


  1. Hello, Wendy! Reading is one of my favorite things to do in the world. I love reading and writing at the beach!! Enjoy your vacation!

    Have a wonderful week and happy A to Z!!

  2. Hi Laura, The beaches here are sooooo clean (the people have discovered recycling and now are passionate about picking up rubbish which is something I never dreamed would happen). It is a perfect place to read and writing here is easy as the people watching goes on forever! Thanks for writing! Wendy