Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ruby-red grapefruit/tequila marmalade

Call me a procrastinator, (Ok, no need to) but I am whipping up a few jars of ruby-red grapefruit marmalade with tequila in there.  I love the taste of tequila as a flavouring in jams or cakes and also in stews.  Its smoky sweetness is unbeatable.  And the alcohol is burned off in the cooking process so just the taste is left. No getting woozy over the brekky toast! 

What have I put n the back-burner?  Well, it is that awful publicity trail for my book.  I am on free promo at for the next 4 days and have been boring my friends to death sending out the news.  I am presently at 687 in amazon rankings.  Hoping to make it int the top 100 before the end of the promo time!  If you can help ...

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