Sunday, April 15, 2012

One's grammar can marketh the man ...

'One' is somewhat formal but it does have uses and can be effective.  It's not just restricted to Prince Charles.  It's part of a complex structure of language called 'grammar'.

Believe it or not, grammar has a use.  Just like our skeletal structure holds the human body erect, grammar is the structure of our language, creating 'rules' that standardise meaning.  If you mess with grammar (eg. how the words 'bad' and 'sick' have changed in meaning over the last generation) the language becomes more of a code than a device for communication.  Putting clauses in the wrong place, using verbs incorrectly, being sloppy about the spelling or pronunciation of people's names is not just annoying to an audience or reader, it is often warping the intended meaning.  Bad grammar can also be used to great effect in writing the voice of certain characters.

Language misuse can also  ear-mark or exclude a group in society, robbing them of opportunities in life.
 And, contrary to what most people believe, it is not just French that has 'grammar'!

Over the months I will include some helpful 'cheats' to make your spoken word and written language more effective. 

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