Thursday, May 24, 2012

Inviting reviewers to read my book

Just a reminder - if you are a reviewer with a large audience, please contact me and I can send you a free copy of my book to read and give me some feedback.

Sadly, the hundreds of readers who downloaded it for free in the promo period have not bothered to give the book any attention!  Interesting!  I am now assessing the usefulness of the promo period which promises that for every free book you give away, you will sell many more as this is your opportunity to build a loyal 'tribe'.  Waiting, waiting! 

OK, so, FYI, my strategy is as follows:  in July I will re-release the book in a POD format with an ISBN (the latter has been impossible from where I am located at present).

Then I will release the other books sitting on my desktop. So far the covers are not complete.

And then I will report back to anyone who is interested just how this strategy has worked.  To date  I have had neither meaningful bulk feedback, nor enough profit for a good feed! 

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