Monday, May 14, 2012

Farewells and hellos in the midst of packing.

Here in Puerto Vallarta there is an annual migration of Gringos to the north so that they can avoid the summer.  We have never consciously done that but this year we will be.  Thus, the house must be packed into boxes. It is a process I have been beavering away at over the last few months, de-moulding, dusting as I go. Otherwise, the last minute rush is a killer for sure.  I will be ensconced in Los Angeles and my intention is to re-launch the book with an ISBN, to publish 2 more 'waiting in the wings' books and to see whether they, collectively, will ramp up sales and reviews. 

Anyway, presently it is a round of farewells as the yachties leave and we prepare to do the same, albeit via a circuitous route with some weeks in Mexico City, Guadalajara and surrounds.  Needless to say, we will be careful as the narco-nasties are certainly getting some publicity in the last couple of weeks.  Ulp!  It is so silly and short-sighted of these idiots to kill off the great tourist destinations here. Acapulco, for instance, is truly awful.  So far, Puerto Vallarta is a safe haven and is carefully protected by its diligent armed forces and 3 layers of policing.  Jolly chaps indeed, but I wouldn't want to get them pissed off as I am sure they are itching to use their weapons on a real felon!

Due to the amount of packing required, my writing has been a trifle diminished.  This is what I will rectify when in the USA!

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