Friday, May 18, 2012

Best time of the year in Puerto Vallarta

This is a pretty exciting time for nature-lovers in Puerto Vallarta.  The birds (many of them exotic, brightly coloured or eccentrically-behaving species) are nesting and there is a constant parade of them flying by with twigs and pieces of grass or straw in their beaks.  I love to leave out some coloured or sparkly threads and watch what the white-collared seed-eaters do with that.  They weave it into their new homes and create pretty tree-ornaments.  Singing and chirping throughout the day, and sometimes at night, the birds in this region are so endearing.  How anyone could shoot a bird mystifies me, but for a while, the house next door featured tenants whose son had a gun.  He would take pot shots at our trees, the birds and lizards who made up the passing population of critters.  Fortunately, they left.  But what amazed me was his overweight, lazy mother's attitude when I complained to her. 'It's not his gun!' was her only comment.  'OK, if you want to play into the stereotype, ' I thought to myself, 'continue being indolent, in denial, fat and blind to the world. And see where that gets you.'  Ultimately, when they moved, the mother developed diabetes, the father had a stroke and the kids all had to leave school and become the wage-earners.  Sad, but I could see it coming in their behaviour from the first time I met them.  They would sit for hours playing dominoes till 3 am night after night, becoming progressively drunker and then lie in the sun all day.  And despite that sun they would wash their clothes in strongly perfumed detergents and fabric softeners and use the clothes drier which would hum away for hours on end. Needless to say, they never paid their electricity bill and the result was a drama that cost their landlord her house.  But that's another story!

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