Sunday, May 12, 2013

Completed two weeks in Puerto Vallarta without one day of swimming in the sea

Arrrrghhh! How hard we just worked!  Tenants are gone.  We spent many an exciting day (!) sanding down doors that had been damaged by gel nails (ladies, please be more careful) then painting and felt that the place was looking fine.  Then we discovered (niftily camouflaged in that way that renters feel justified in doing) and a comparatively new kitchen cupboard shelf was hidden underneath a tray and was rotted by some acid or something spilled by them or their maid.  OK, that was only built in late 2010.  So we are somewhat gritting our teeth. We also completely re-planted all the major garden beds and hope they bush up nicely in the wet season.

The place is looking very nice now and will be in the care of Manuel, Margo and Dominique until it is sold or rented.

We will miss its lovely mountain and farmland views (ahhhh bananas!) and the little town next door, not to mention our good friends down there but I am sure they will visit.

Now back to L.A. and back to some serious writing.

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