Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Writer's Perfect Getaway

What better to do for inspiration than to tread in the steps, and sit at the desk of a famous writer.  No velvet rope saying 'keep out' and the possibility to feel the same vibe as that guy!  The one I am talking about is D.H. Lawrence of 'Lady Chatterly's Lover' etc. etc. and the place that you can have the experience of being Lawrence on vacation is QQ Accommodations in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.  This astoundingly pretty B & B is set in a garden that abounds with birds, trees in fruit (including a massive avocado and a couple of mangoes) turtles who live in a fountain and so much to delight the eye.  The building was partly designed and built by famous architect, Luis Barragan.There is an exotic stone tower and the place is completely packed with antiques, artworks and traditional Mexican tiles, pots and bits and pieces.  If you want to know more, details are at this website:

It is short walking distance to the lake, the market and much more, but really, do you want to walk anywhere when the place itself is so appealing?  Just sit in the garden or on one of the many terraces and unwind, think and create.  Just as Lawrence did!

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