Friday, March 16, 2012

Reading old books

I have been having a post-Kindle cleanout of my bookshelves lately and reading/re-reading books I had owned as a child.  Many I THOUGHT I had read but hadn't including most of the works of Mark Twain.  We had them in 'Readers' at school of course, but in a condensed form and not the whole rambling, sarcastic collection of Twain's thoughts along the way of his simple narrative.  I now have mixed feelings about Twain who was truly more of a journalist that a literary giant. But that has its merits.   Now I am onto 'The Oregon Trail' which would have had its writer, Francis Parkman, clapped in irons had it been released today.  It's difficult to read in this day as it's so darn outspoken about ugly crones, lazy chaps and wormy children and he goes off the track (trail!) a lot taking risks you just can't imagine anyone having the gall for.  Off he goes to watch warring Indian tribes.  Alone.  Sick with some mystery illness that 'everyone' gets on the trail.  Dysentery perhaps?  Not sure.  And I don't want to trawl through Wikipedia to see it all till I have finished the book.  I'll let you know.

Books are indeed a reflection of their day and my daughter told me my book is 'sort of old-fashioned'.  Hurt?  Not really.  I am used to clients being very direct about what they love or hate.  And it can be on a whim.

Make your own judgement about my story.  Read it, review it and give me some feedback!

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