Friday, March 16, 2012

'Calandra's Spring' released for Kindle on

I'm so excited about this - I actually took the plunge and uploaded my first novel to for digital purchase only.  There are still a few wrinkles in the learning curve and I welcome any feedback.

The link to it is:

Any reviews are most welcome !

But first - let me introduce myself.  I am a citizen of Planet Earth - love to travel and at present my husband and I are taking a break in Nuevo Vallarta, a suburb of Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico.  Oldies may remember this place from 'The Love Boat' and 'Night of the Iguana'. 

Along the way, I will tell you some things about Mexico and my background.  I have worked as a writer and a producer for TV and film but gradually the writing just took over.  Personal histories are one of my favourite genres to work on, though in a financial sense, the person for whom I am 'ghosting' always expects more than is reasonable in the way of revision of aspects of their story.  The older the person, the less honest they want to be and oh, if only I could 'name names' ...

More later!

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