Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Explosions mourned worldwide.

The tragedy of the Boston explosions and the loss of life, injuries and ghastly feeling of insecurity that has ended what should have been a day of joy are far more frightening than any horror story or film I have recently read.  Sadly, we live in the true cliché of 'troubled times'.  It is interesting to listen to the newscasts and how quickly the reporters dip into their bag of phrases that paint the scene.  There's a sort of shorthand and I remember that my Executive Producer was a master of this.  It was simply dreadful to listen to - clunky, bad speech, descriptions as worn as a homeless person's tennis shoes.  Words used such as 'redolent' when really, it was just plain inappropriate, linguistically.  But perhaps audiences have grown to expect this 'reporter-speak'.  Lazy audiences breed lazy writing.  This is why the world has willingly allowed itself to be swamped by badly written books!

Just count the clichés over the next few days!  (Yes, there are many 'questions unanswered' and only 'time will tell' ....arghhhh!)

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